Tim Gunn, the popular Project Runway mentor who coined the phrase “make it work,” is now writing a book inspired by his op-ed piece in the Washington Post. The piece criticized fashion designers, and retailers alike for “marginalizing” the biggest fashion market: plus-size women.

In the heralded piece, Gunn points out that there are 100 million plus-size women in America, and referred to a Washington State University study that discovered most women in America are between a size 16 and size 20, not the tiny sizes that fashion designers normally walk the runways.

Inspired by this piece, Gunn told podcaster Kara Mayer Robinson, that he is writing a book on how women are being “marginalized” because they are bigger than a size 12. He is upset that designers are doing this, but more importantly retailers are also responsible for stocking clothing in sizes women can wear.

This is not all that Gunn will write about. He promises to write the self motivation book“Tim Gunn style.”

Promising that it will not be “preachy craziness,” Tim assures that he mission for the book is to encourage. “We need to wrap our brains around who we are, and be the best at what that can be.”

He wants to help readers, so this book will be about “Navigating the world with confidence and improving our self esteem,” then added, “Especially these days we all need it!”

This is not Tim Gunn’s first foray into publishing. He has already authored Tim Gunn: A Guide to Quality, Taste & Style, (along with Kate Moloney), Gunn’s Golden Rules: Life’s Little Lessons for Making It Work,(along with Ada Calhoun), Shaken, Not Stirred, Tim Gunn’s Fashion Bible: The Fascinating History of Everything in Your Closet,(along with Ada Calhoun), and Tim Gunn: The Natty Professor: A Master Class on Mentoring, Motivating, and Making It Work!

So, why wasn’t Tim on Good Morning America with the rest of the judges, Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia and Zac Posen, last Thursday? Besides a small fashion show that included three former Project Runway designers, Ashley Nell Tipton, Kelly Dempsey, and Fabio Costa, creating an unconventional fashion look for three members of GMA, the main discussion was about the plus-size twist that is causing a lot of drama in Season 16.

One theory is that he was just busy.

In the bonus episode of the podcast, Tim Gunn explained that since leaving Liz Claiborne three years ago, no day is routine, except for when he is filming Project Runway. Then, everyday is routine.

Tim Gunn films Project Runway and Project Runway Junior, back to back. Filming for Project Runway is a six week schedule, and then they go right into filming Project Runway Junior. The biggest challenge is that somewhere in there, Tim Gunn needs to schedule his Project Runway home visits, which takes about 10 days. This is a scheduling challenge.

Then add New York Fashion week, and the Project Runway reunion show, and the whole process is five months longs. The only respite is that due to child labor laws, the Project Runway Junior shows can only film eight hours, so they actually get to leave when there is light outside.

The other theory that Tim was not invited to the GMA show because he does not get along with the other judges.

In a special bonus podcast, writer and podcaster Kara Mayer Robinson blatantly asked Tim, “So you and the judges do not get along?” Tim responded without hesitation, “Your statement is absolutely accurate.”

Tim went on to say that Michael Kors left after Season 10, a respectable run on the show. He said that they “miss him terribly.” Kors brought a lot of joy and cohesion within the group. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Tim Gunn has had a lot of issues with Zac Posen, from day one, with Posen blatantly discrediting Gunn’s advise as a mentor and teacher.

As for Nina, Gunn does not have any personal issues with her. He just is tired of hearing about her Hampton’s weekend, and not getting the right table at a restaurant. Tim just cannot relate to this.

So, who does Tim hang out with? The Under The Gunn star has a pal, Ken, from Washington D.C. that works in a business quite different from fashion. Ken works for human rights campaigns and Tim said that this is an especially stressful job for him of late.

“Project Runway will feature models of all sizes this season, we will have that for the first time.”https://t.co/aXjB4iZrom

Ken may have a stressful position, but he does know a respite helps. In fact, Ken is is responsible for Tim Gunn taking his first vacation since 2001. Last year, they went to Greece. They saw all of the incredible ancient sites, and even took a day trip to Crete.

So, is Tim preparing to go out on vacation this year? Still feeling refreshed from his Greek trip last year, Tim is instead, redoing his bathroom instead of traveling. The Project Runway mentor has to stick to his budget!

Project Runway Season 16 starts on August 17.

What do you think about Tim writing a book about plus-size women? Are you looking forward to what the positive mentor has to say?

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